Are you considering Australia?

People in many countries are struggling with unemployment and uncertainty.  There’s talk that it will take a generation for many countries to recover after the Global Financial Crisis.  Yet Australia is booming!

With widespread skill shortages across the country, fuelled in part by a boom in the Mining and Energy sectors, there has never been a better time to consider immigration Australia.

  • Fantastic weather and lifestyle
  • High standard of living with good employment prospects for skilled workers
  • A clean, fresh and healthy environment
  • An excellent range of education providers from school to university sectors

A land of opportunity – Australia is a very attractive place to live and work. With an enviable climate and a range of topographies, Australia is the perfect place to visit or settle.  Whether you like beaches or mountains, cities or farms, surf or snow, Australia has something for everyone.

Originally settled by the British in 1788, Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy, divided into six States and two Territories.

Currently, a very significant industry is Mining and Energy, with an incredible focus on the development of infrastructure for mines in Western Australia and Queensland.  As migration agents based here in Queensland, we’re very close to this action. Other prominent industries include agriculture and tourism.

New South Wales

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is probably Australia’s most recognisable city, and  is often mistaken for the capital of Australia.  However, Australia’s true capital is Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory.

New South Wales has much to offer, not just the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. With surf beaches, national parks, rivers and lakes, snow and skiing in winter, there is something for everyone. Regional New South Wales,west of the Coast, is dominated by agriculture and farming communities, including cattle, sheep, wineries, and crops such as cotton and wheat. Here you will find country towns and true old fashioned country values. Mining is also prominent in outback New South Wales.  Parliament House

Australian Capital Territory

Take a trip to Canberra (4 hours drive from Sydney) and visit the Nation’s Capital.  Here you will find many of Australia’s iconic features such as Parliament House,  the Australian National Gallery and the High Court of Australia.  Snowfields are close by, and Canberra  is a popular place in Winter for those who enjoy the cold.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is truly one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Here you will find the spirit of Australia and its cultural heritage.  A sparsely populated territory, Darwin is the capital.  Alice Springs is the next largest town, and lies approximately 1800 kilometres to the south, almost in the centre of Australia.

The temperature is hot, the earth is red, and the crocodiles rule.  The Australian indigenous population will amaze you with their artwork and culture.  Kakadu National Park will inspire and amaze you.  And…while you are there don’t forget to visit Ayers Rock.


If you love beautiful weather…Queensland is for you.  With beaches, surf, the Great Barrier Reef, the outback, and abundant employment through the bouyant mining sector, Queensland is truly a great place to make your home in Australia.

Brisbane is the capital and is located in the Southeast corner, where the weather is mildest.  Further north are the cities of Caloundra, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns, while South lies the famous Gold Coast.  If you prefer a more temperate climate, wine and cheese, Stanthorpe,  in the Granite Belt, is for you.  And for the adventurous, Mt Isa and Emerald are large mining towns located in the West.

Tourism, mining and agriculture are the dominant economies.

Most of Queensland – all except Brisbane and the Gold Coast – is eligible for employer nomination to a Visa under Subclass 187 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme).   And the Queensland Government will sponsor many occupations for Skilled (Sponsored) Visas under Subclass 190 and 489.

South Australia

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia – a State most famous for its wine-growing regions including the Barossa Valley and the Clare Valley, both north of Adelaide.

With a dry climate, Adelaide is popular with English expatriates and wine lovers!

Agriculture is a prominent economy, along with mining in the North. Coober Pedy is a famous opal mining town about halfway to the Northern Territory border.  Agriculture and Fishing are prominent economies.


With Melbourne as its capital, Victoria is well known as the cultural hub of Australia.   A southern State with a temperate climate, Victoria has some stunning wine growing regions including Healesville, and mountains popular for skiing and bushwalking.

Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city after Sydney, and is home to the National Gallery of Victoria.


Australia’s only Island State lies south of Victoria.  A hidden treasure, Tasmania is a unique place with lots to offer.

Perhaps most famous now for its island produce, including premium cheese, wines, beef and seafood, Tasmania is a scenic and beautiful place.  With geography ranging from beaches, to farms, to snow covered mountains in winter, to rural towns and small cities, there is something for everyone.  If you plan to live in Tasmania make sure you enjoy the cold, as it has a much more temperate climate than much of Australia.

Agriculture and tourism are major economic drivers in Tasmania.

The capital city, Hobart, has a population of around 210 000.  Here you will find entertainment, good shopping and great restaurants, but still with a country feel.  Buy fish and chips direct from the fishing punts on Constitution dock.  Browse the Salamanca Markets on a Saturday morning.  Go for a stroll up Mount Wellington (but take your woollies!).  Visit Port Arthur, the famous convict colony.  Pick berries in Summer.   See the local wildlife, including the unique Tasmanian Devil, at a wildlife park.

Further north is the city of Launceston, on the banks of the Tamar River.  Here you will find some of Tasmania’s best wineries, in the beautiful Tamar Valley.  There is also the scenic Cataract Gorge, with walking tracks and gardens.  Launceston’s economy is largely based on servicing the surrounding agricultural areas.    A city with a population of around 100 000, Launceston is 50 kilometres inland so has a cooler climate than Hobart, but can be warmer in Summer.

Western Australia

Western Australia  is a large State prolific in natural resources, including iron ore and coal.   Mining is a major economy in WA, with enormous wealth being brought into the community during the mining and resources boom.

Perth is the capital, and this beautiful city sits on the Swan River, with famous Kings Park in the background.

Like Tasmania, Western Australia has an interesting  history from convict days, with an early settlement at Fremantle.   Fremantle’s Maritime Museum displays the remains of famous shipwrecks which occurred off the WA coast well before Australia was settled, including the Batavia in 1629.

The Margaret River, to the South, is another premier wine growing region in Australia.  Broome, in the far north, is an iconic tourist destination.