Skilled Nomination

Last updated: April 2024

‘Nomination’ is the term given to the process where by a State or Territory government nominates skilled migrants in specific occupations, who are willing to live and work in that part of Australia. 

Being nominated provides additional points toward a Skilled Visa, and can sometimes expedite the application.

Each State and Territory government have their own occupation lists and set of criteria that applicants are required to meet, to be eligible to apply.

The map on this page allows you to easily access the latest criteria for each state.  Click on the hotspots for more.

The information on this page may not be exhaustive.  For the most accurate information, and how it applies to your situation, contact your agent (if you’re already an Emergico client); schedule a consultation to discuss, or complete our visa eligibility assessment below.

Unsure where to start?

Our team of Registered Migration Agents are Skilled Visa experts.  We’ve helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families secure the visa that unlocks their future in Australia.  We’d love to help you too – start by completing our visa eligibility assessment form, and we’ll be in touch!

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