Australia offers a range of Parent Visas for parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents.  For most Parent Visas, there are several requirements.

  • First, applicants must pass the “Balance of Family” test, in which they have at least as many children living permanently in Australia as in any other country.
  • Secondly, they must be “sponsored” by one of those children, who must have resided in Australia for at least 2 years.
  • For permanent Parent Visas, the applicants must have an “Assurance of Support” from an Australian citizen, permanent resident or organisation.  A bond is also paid to Centrelink as part of the Assurance.

There are a number of different Parent Visa options available. Contact the Emergico team for additional information.

Parent (Subclass 103)

PROVIDESPermanent Residency 

The subclass 103 is a permanent visa that allows a parent of a settled Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen to live indefinitely in Australia.  Although more affordable than most other Parent visa options, this subclass is subject to a lengthy processing time of many years.  We recommend discussing your situation with us before considering this visa.

Willing to wait for the 103?

The lower application fees are attractive, but the wait for the visa may not be. Let's discuss your situation to find the best pathway.

Contributory Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 173/884)

PROVIDESProvisional Residency

Contributory parent visas incur a high application fee that can be prohibitive to some applicants.  The subclass 173 helps to address that issue by offering provisional residency of Australia for up to 2 years at a lower cost than the permanent subclass 143 visa.  Holders of the subclass 173 can then apply for a 143, in effect spreading the cost of permanent residency across two Contributory Parent visas.

Does the 173 suit you?

The temporary Contributory Parent visa can be a great option for the cost-conscious applicant. Contact us today to discuss this visa!

Contributory Parent (Subclass 143/884)

PROVIDESPermanent Residency 

This visa can be applied for directly, or as a second step if you already hold the subclass 173/884.  It provides permanent residency of Australia, with work and study rights and the option to enrol in Medicare (Australia’s public health service).  The high application fee is split into two instalments; the first due upon application, the second upon request of the Department of Home Affairs.

Permanent residency

The 143/884 is the fastest way to secure PR within the parent visa stream. Our team have assisted many parents in securing this.

Aged Parent (Subclass 804)​

PROVIDESPermanent Residency

The Aged Parent visa is for older parents (of pensionable age in Australia) to live permanently.  Applicants must be in Australia at the time of application and decision – this visa cannot be applied for from overseas.  Although a lengthy wait for a visa decision may be involved, upon application a Bridging visa is typically granted that can allow applicants to remain in Australia throughout that time.  The comparatively lower cost of this visa subclass often makes it an attractive option.

The visa for older parents

This popular visa can provide residency at a more affordable cost, if you're willing to wait for a visa decision. We can assist with this.

Sponsored Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 870)

PROVIDESProvisional Residency

This Parent visa provides temporary Australian residency of up to 5 years.  No ‘Balance of Family’ test is applied to this visa, making it an option for applicants who have more children living overseas than are permanently resident in Australia.  A second and final subclass 870 visa can be granted if the applicant is outside Australia for at least 90 days prior, giving a cumulative total of 10 years residency via this visa.  This visa is not intended to lead to permanent residency and does not come with work rights attached.  The sponsor must meet specific criteria to qualify.

Temporary residency

At a lower cost and without Balance of Family requirements, this visa is bound to be popular. Contact us today to discuss an application.