Is the Parent Visa Australia Offers a Good Choice for Your Family?

The parent visa Australia offers to foreign visitors is a good choice for many. Distance can be difficult for families, especially as parents begin to age and grandchildren are born. Many migrants find that they would like their parents to be able to come and spend time with them. The Department of Immigration offers a program for this situation.

Understanding Each Parent Visa Australia Provides

Every family is different, which is why Australia provides several parent visa options. They include:

  • Subclass 103 Parent Visa

Parents with children who are Australian citizens or permanent residents can apply for a subclass 103 visa. This permits the parent(s) to live in the country permanently.

  • Subclass 143 Contributory Parent Visa

This option is available for parents who have half or more of their children living in Australia. It includes a permanent stay. It costs nearly 20,000 AUD. Some applicants choose to apply for the temporary version first which costs more in the end, but allows them to pay the fees over a longer period of time.

  • Subclass 173 Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary)

This is the temporary version of the subclass 143. Parents who are approved can remain in Australia for up to two years.

  • Subclass 804 Aged Parent Visa

Parents who are old enough to receive an aged pension and have half or more of their children living in Australia may be eligible for a subclass 804. This is a permanent stay visa.

  • Subclass 864 Contributory Aged Parent Visa

Parents who are old enough to receive an aged pension in Australia may be eligible to stay permanently on a subclass 864 visa.

  • Subclass 884 Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Temporary)

Subclass 884 is the temporary version of 864. This visa has similar guidelines and includes a length of stay limit of two years.

Australia’s Parent Visa Eligibility

Each parent visa Australia offers comes with health and character requirements. The applicant must have repaid or made arrangements to repay any outstanding debts to the government. They must also have at least half of their children living in Australia or pass a balance-of-family test. In some cases, an Assurance of Support will also be required. This is a document that assures the government that you will not rely on assistance for two years after entering the country. Assurance can be provided by a sponsor, another person, or an organisation. Assurers will be required to lodge a bond for every applicant that’s over the age of 18.

If you have questions about bringing parents into the country, talk to Emergico. We can go over your options and find the most cost-effective and quickest route available. We understand the types of parent visa Australia offers and what you will need to apply for one. Visit our website to access a free visa eligibility assessment or contact us to speak with a migration expert.

Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)