Understanding Australia’s New Temporary Parent Visa

When it comes to immigration, changes happen frequently. That isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, sometimes the government opens up new options that can make it easier for some people to enter the country legally. An update coming later this year could do just that. Parents with a child that is a citizen of Australia or permanent resident may want to learn more about the new temporary sponsored parent visa that’s rolling out in November of this year.

The Facts About the New Parent Visa

This new programme may allow parents to come to Australia without having to pass the Balance of Family test, which is required by other types of parent visas. This new version will be valid for three or five years. Application fees will vary based on the length of the visa. Applications for a three year stay will cost $5,000 whilst a ten year stay will cost $10,000. The visa can be renewed, but only from outside of Australia. This new programme also comes with some limitations:

  • Only 15,000 new temporary sponsored parent visas will be issued each year. That’s actually a significant increase from the current limit for parent visas, which caps at 8,675.
  • Parents who are staying on the new visa will not be eligible for Medicare. The sponsor child will be responsible for medical expenses and any aged care needed.

Does This Change Other Parent Visas?

The temporary sponsored parent visa is a new programme that will not affect other types of parent visas. Other categories will continue to accept applications. Those who are already in Australia and would like to apply for the new parent visa will not be able to do so until they leave the country.

Some details have not been announced yet, including whether the additional 15,000 visas will count towards the 190,000 allowed by the migration programme. There has also been no information on how many places will be allotted to permanent parent visa categories.

How Do I Apply for the New Parent Visa?

The new parent visas are not available yet but will be soon. In order to prepare, potential applicants should follow updates and ask for expert help to ensure that they are choosing the best option available. The registered migration agents at Emergico are always available to provide answers and guidance as you navigate Australia’s migration programmes. Contact us today or take the free online visa eligibility assessment available on our website.

Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)