5 Things to Consider When Moving to Australia

It’s easy to see why so many people are moving to Australia. The country has much to offer from its natural landscape to its entertainment, cultural diversity, and educational opportunities. Setting up a new home in a new country can be very exciting! Make sure you get the next chapter of your life off to a strong start by going into it with knowledge. What should you consider before moving to Australia?

moving to Australia

Things To Consider When Moving to Australia

  1. Australia is a Huge Country

Australia is a huge country. That is a fact that cannot be emphasised enough. Newcomers often do not realise just how sprawling this beautiful land is, and that can lead to issues when planning their journey. The country spans 4,030 km from east to west and 3,685 km from north to south. It includes a total of six climate zones. If you want to visit an area, make sure you map it out so that you know exactly how long the trip will take.

  1. Australians Speak English with a Foreign Vocabulary

Australians speak English, but the language may sound foreign to some. That’s because they have a vocabulary all their own. You may hear words that you are not familiar with, even though there is no real language barrier between you and the natives. For example, arvo means afternoon and snags means sausages.

  1. Free WiFi Isn’t Always Common

Free WiFi is a pretty common find in countries like the United States. Many businesses will offer a courtesy connection so you don’t have to travel far to get on the web. Australia is different because free WiFi is much rarer. If you’re a technology lover, make sure you have a good mobile plan to make up for the lack of WiFi access.

  1. Plan to Wear Lots of Sunscreen

The sun can be intense in Australia, so make sure you protect your skin with sunscreen. Apply it when spending any time outdoors, even if you are not visiting one of the country’s 10,000+ beaches. Wearing a shirt and hat can also help protect you when going out.

  1. Australia is an Expensive Place to Live

Australia is much more expensive than many other countries. Part of that stems from the high quality of life found here. You can survive on a budget, but you may have to cut back on extras like dining out and entertainment. On the other hand, Australia also offers many lucrative jobs that could help you make up the difference.

Are You Moving to Australia?

There are many good reasons to relocate to Australia. You can find excellent education and work opportunities. The people here are very happy and upbeat. And the culture is diverse and interesting. There’s so much to see and do both in the cities and well outside of them. Contact Emergico today to learn more about legally moving to Australia. Give us a call or stop by our website to fill out the free online eligibility assessment.

Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)