Changes to Australia’s Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602 You Should Know About

While some people come to Australia for work, others travel here for very different reasons. The Australian government provides a path into the country for those seeking medical care or those accompanying a loved one who needs medical care.

Medical Treatment Visa Eligibility

There are three reasons you may need to apply for a subclass 602 visa. The first is to obtain medical care or a consultation for yourself. The second is to provide assistance and support for someone else who requires medical treatment. And the third is to donate or receive an organ. Additional guidelines for eligibility include:

  • Not having a medical condition that endangers public health
  • Not already holding a Domestic Worker subclass 426 visa
  • Not already holding a Domestic Worker stream of Temporary Work subclass 403 visa
  • Not holding a visa with a “no further stay” condition
  • Have no outstanding debts to the Australian government or have made arrangements to pay debts

Financial, Health, & Character Guidelines

There are also financial, health, and character guidelines you must meet for visa approval. You will be asked to provide a police certificate for every country you lived in for at least 12 months within the past decade after you turned 16. You must also be able to financially support yourself while in Australia. That includes arrangements for medical treatment, accommodation, and any other expenses, including those incurred by organ donors (when applicable).

You must meet specified health requirements. The number of exams needed, duration of treatment, and other factors will determine how long you can stay in the country.

New Documentation Requirements for Medical Treatment Subclass 602 Visas

Effective July 1 2017, the Australian government has increased the documentation requirements for all 602 visa applicants. If you do not hold a substantive visa and are applying for a 602, then you will be asked to provide additional documentation outlining your medical treatment and need in order to be considered for approval. Keep in touch with your doctor(s) to ensure that all details related to your condition are properly documented. This may improve your chances of approval when you apply for a visa.

Choosing the right Australian visa can be challenging, especially if you need to get to the country quickly for medical reasons. If you have questions about travelling for medical treatment or would like to apply for a 602 visa, contact Emergico. We are ready to help you through every step in the process.

Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)