What does Swiss Cheese have to do with Australian migration?

How many holes must you navigate to get a visa?
How many holes must you navigate to get a visa?

“Swiss Cheese theory” – most commonly used to explain the sequence of events leading to an accident – can also describe the Australian migration process. Imagine several slices of swiss cheese separated by equal distances. The slices keep moving and – very occasionally – the holes align, so that on rare occasions you can shoot a bullet through the holes without damaging the cheese.

In Migration, so many factors must come together at the same time, in order for a visa to be granted. It might mean you have to be the right age; have the right occupation which is on the list; have a current skills assessment which is in date; have proven your English ability and hold a test which is still in date; and be able to afford the ever-changing fees. (And any of these requirements can change overnight at the whim of the Government). On a personal side; you must have the support of your family and friends for the move; the currency must be moving in the right direction in order for you to afford the visa; and you might be depending on a house sale or something else, in order to move. Then there’s the uncertainty of getting a job when you are finally in Oz… And what about the kids… how will we take them away from their friends/grandparents/cousins?

Make no mistake, migrating is a massive logistical exercise, sure to stretch the most solid of relationships. When you work out the variables, and the “swiss cheese” nature of the whole exercise, it’s a wonder that anyone ever migrates at all!

The “holes” might only line up once in your lifetime – are you going to be there, and take that chance?

Success does not usually come without a few setbacks, so be prepared for what could be a wild but exciting ride.

We’re not saying it will be easy, but we are saying it will be worth it!

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Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)