Why Live In Australia?

If you’re considering the big move you might want to check out Buzz Feed’s 50 Reasons Why Australians Are The Luckiest People On Earth and Huffington Posts 23 Reasons Australia Is The Most Stunningly Perfect Place To Travel.

Moving to Australia means moving towards opportunity and possibility. We are a new, young and open minded country, with a diverse population and an economy that is growing.

If you need more convincing, here’s our Top 10 Reasons To Move To Australia:

  1. The minimum wage is above $17/hour.
  2. Chris Hemsworth lives here.
  3. We have a national characteristic of mateship!
  4. We have koalas. 
  5. Thongs are sold in vending machines.
  6. We drink beer out of shoes.
  7. We have the best BBQ’s.
  8. And Lamingtons. 
  9. We have some of the nicest beaches in the world.
  10. We are home to Emergico!




Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)