Are We Losing Our Religion in Australia??

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released data from the most recent Australian Census.   Some interesting facts and figures on the demographic composition of our great country.

We now have 21, 505, 717 residents – our population has grown by 1.652 million people in 5 years.  Of these, 49.4% are male; 50.6 % female – the exact same proportion as the 2006 Census.

There’s evidence of increased migration – 70% of Australian residents were born in Australia; the rest overseas.  34% of residents claimed both their parents were born overseas. And in 20% of homes, two or more languages are spoken.

And – less of us are religious now – the number of people claiming to have no religion has increased by 3.6%.  Seems the converts have deserted Catholicism (down 0.5%) and the Church of England (down 1.6%).   Perhaps that’s why the new Migration Laws relating to Skilled Migration and Employer Nominated Visas post July 1 include some generous concessions for Ministers of Religion!!

You can read more about Australia’s census data here.

Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)