Australia is Open for Business!

It’s been a long two years since Australia closed its borders to the world, making inbound and outbound travel very difficult.

Yesterday our Prime Minister made the big announcement that everyone has been waiting for.

Australia’s borders will re-open to fully vaccinated overseas visitors on the 21st February 2022.  

The 21st February 2022 will be the first time that tourists will have been able to freely enter Australia, since the beginning of the pandemic.

We anticipate that the border re-opening will signal the gradual recommencement of processing of the thousands of skilled and employer sponsored visas that are waiting for outcomes.  The Department of Home Affairs has to prioritise and manage its resources, and as there will be a huge demand for travel, we expect this could still take some time.

What if I need to travel to Australia before the 21st February 2022?

Most temporary visa holders – apart from visitor visas – are exempt from travel restrictions, after the December 15 announcement.  A full list of eligible temporary visas can be found here.  If you hold one of these visas, you DO NOT need a travel exemption.  Permanent residents and citizens, business visa holders and partner visa holders, also do not need an exemption to enter the country.

Does this mean that every State of Australia is now open?

States manage their own borders.  While most States are open now to quarantine-free travel for fully vaccinated travellers, Western Australia has still not announced the opening of its hard border.  We recommend that if you plan to enter Australia, you check out the most recent updates to the State borders, as you will need to comply with any state specific requirements.

What if I am unvaccinated?

Unvaccinated people wishing to enter Australia, must still apply for Travel Exemptions through the usual process.  They may also have to undergo hotel quarantine, once entering the country.  It’s worth considering that many businesses in Australia currently restrict access to people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

I’m waiting for a permanent Visa to be granted, but would like to visit Australia.

Now, finally you can do so, provided you can obtain a visitor visa.  It’s a great time to think about booking a flight as a visitor.  If you are currently our client and would like to discuss this, please contact your Emergico Migration Agent.

I’m considering Studying in Australia as an overseas student.

Australia welcomes international students, and we are now seeing student enrolments and visas being processed quickly.  Our Education Consultant, Fanny Huang, would be happy to discuss study options with you.  Click here to let us know about your situation.

How can Emergico help?

If you’ve been thinking about Australia but haven’t yet engaged us to manage your application, you can update us on your circumstances by completing our Visa Eligibility Form, or drop us a line to let us know you’re interested.

Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)