Let Us Help You Get an Australian Student Visa This Semester

Every year, thousands of international students apply for an Australian student visa. They flock to the country to take advantage of the excellent education system, which provides access to over 20,000 courses across 1,200 institutions. We can help you work through the process so that you can take the next step towards a promising career.

We’ll Make Sure You Avoid Common Visa Mistakes

Common Mistakes

Are you sure you can navigate the visa application without making a single mistake? Even one forgotten document or incorrect answer could prolong the process or worse – cause you to be denied. Many hopeful students find themselves in a difficult situation due to:

  • Providing more information than is necessary
  • A poorly written Statement of Purpose
  • Not adhering to application schedules
  • Not understanding how much time each step requires
  • Applying for the incorrect type of visa
  • Submitting the incorrect documentation
  • Not filling out forms accurately or completely
  • Not being prepared for the complexity of the process

We have experience with today’s Australian student visa applications. We know how to do it right the first time. Our team stays on top of changes in law and government requirements so that we always have the most up-to-date process and documentation ready for you.

Access Experts in Australian Student Visa Applications

When you work with Emergico, you aren’t just getting a basic Australian student visa application service. You’re getting the full package. Our team includes experts in all areas of migration, including registered agents, eligibility consultants, and client support. We also work with businesses and organisations to help with recruitment and sponsorships.

Our list of services covers everything you may need when trying to enter Australia as a student or when applying to become a permanent resident. We can provide an eligibility assessment, coordinate preliminary testing, and guide you through application submissions. We are here for you through every step in the process.

A Migration Team That Helps You Achieve Your Educational Goals

We are a full-service migration team. Our professionals want to help you achieve your educational goals. We can come up with a strategy that gets you into the country legally so you can begin your studies and further your career. Talk to our Education Team to learn more about enrolment in primary and secondary schools, vocational and technical colleges, universities, and English language schools.

Make your dreams a reality by contacting Emergico today. We can help you find the quickest way to obtain your Australian student visa. Visit our website to complete a free online eligibility assessment.

Leanne Stevens

CEO, Emergico // Registered Migration Agent (#1171279)