Terms and Conditions of our complimentary Eligibility Consultation.

When you contact Emergico through our Contact Us form, or Visa Eligibility Assessment form, we will reply in writing.

We may also send you links to relevant fact sheets which we have written especially to help people understand visa processes and the costs associated with them.

At the discretion of the Registered Migration Agent, Emergico may choose to also offer you a complimentary Eligibility Consultation.  By accepting an offer of such a consultation, you accept and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

When might a complimentary Eligibility Consultation be offered? 

  • We may offer you a complimentary Eligibility Consultation if, after reviewing your situation,  we believe that it would be useful for us to speak with you about your visa prospects to supplement information we have provided to you;
  • It may be offered to people who are assessed as highly eligible, and wish to speak about a visa which may require the assistance of a Registered Migration Agent, and for which they are considering engaging professional help;
  • The offer of a complimentary Eligibility Consultation is discretionary,  personalised to you, and non-transferrable to other people – if others wish to find out about their options they should apply individually to us so our team can make an individual assessment of their prospects.

People who generally do not qualify for a complimentary Eligibility Consultation

  • People who have already had a consultation from Emergico (we may make exceptions for existing or past clients of Emergico who are now considering another visa);
  • People who require something to make them eligible for a visa – for example, a qualification or an employer sponsor.
  • People who have multiple questions involving eligibility of multiple family members;
  • People who have situations which are complicated and require extensive research in order to advise on eligibility;
  • People who have self-lodged, or are planning to self-lodge, their application and have specific questions on how to manage various parts of the process;
  • People who have received a “Request for Information” about an existing application and need assistance to respond to the request;
  • People who have received correspondence from the Department of Home Affairs and seek professional advice about it;
  • People who have already engaged another Migration Agent to assist with their application;
  • People who have had a refusal of an application (whether it be a visa, state nomination, skills assessment, or other associated process)
  • People who have had a visa cancelled and seek professional advice;
  • People who are already holding a visa and have experienced a change in their circumstances and need professional advice.
  • Other situations, by individual assessment.

Place, Time and Duration of the Complimentary Eligibility Consultation 

  • The complimentary Eligibility Consultation may take place in person at our office in Brisbane, Australia; by Skype, or by phone call.
  • You must ensure we have your correct phone number (including international dialling code); or your correct Skype ID.
  • The duration of the appointment is up to 15 minutes.
  • Appointments can be made with individual Registered Migration Agents.  Each agent will provide online access to their calender, with booking times.
  • You MUST ensure you are booking the consultation at a time (in your own time zone) which will be possible for you to speak without interruption.
  • Should we be unable to make the meeting due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be contacted by another member of our team.

Missed Appointments

  • When an appointment is made, emailed reminders of the appointment will be sent to you, confirming the date, place and time, in your own time zone.  Please check that all details are correct, and advise us immediately if something is wrong.  
  • If you would like to cancel or reschedule the appointment, you should do so using the link in the email.  We may be working outside our normal office hours to accommodate different appointment times, and it’s important that booked appointments are kept, as our time is scarce and there is high demand for appointments.
  • If we try to contact you at the prescribed time and in the prescribed manner, but cannot do so, we will consider this a missed appointment.  We may contact you by email at this time.
  • Very occasionally, urgent situations arise and we are unfortunately unable to make the appointment time with you.  When this happens, where possible we will contact you to advise in advance, and offer a re-schedule of your appointment.

What is covered in the complimentary Eligibility Consultation?

  • We should already have information about your situation, so the consultation allows us to gather any additional or clarifying information we might need.
  • We may suggest one or more pathways that could be suitable for you, subject to verification of your verbal and written information provided.
  • You can ask any generic questions that you have about your eligibility and the process.
  • We will let you know how we can assist you with the application, and details of the services we offer.
  • We may send you specific fact sheets after the consultation which provide additional details.
  • You acknowledge that the eligibility information we give you is based purely on the information you provide to us, and in the course of a review of your documents, we might discover other material facts that could affect our advice.
  • You acknowledge that visa eligibility may change regularly with law and policy changes occurring without notice, and that any information we give you is current only at the time of providing it.

What is not covered in the complimentary Eligibility Consultation?

  • Detailed advice about specific matters which would require legal research and analysis.
  • Specific advice which needs to be put in writing.
  • Detailed advice about health and character matters.
  • Further responses to follow up after the consultation, to request more information.  We may suggest a standard consultation to follow on, if further time is required.

For any clients who do not qualify for a complimentary Eligibility check, we are pleased to offer competitively priced consultations, where our Registered Migration Agents can give specific, written visa and migration advice.  You can book a standard consultation at any time by clicking here.