Australian Immigration Policy

Australian immigration policy

The process of immigrating to Australia from another country can be quite complex and confusing for many people. There are many different factors to consider, and the journey can be long and challenging. However, Australia is a wonderful place to move. Its vibrant cities and natural beauty attract people from all over the world to travel and do business there. If you are thinking about moving to Australia, here’s what you need to know about

Australian immigration policy

Before you can become an Australian citizen, you will need to obtain a visa to live in the country on a long term basis. Although short term travel visas are fairly easy to get, these longer term work visas are much more competitive. The Australian government requires independent applicants to have necessary skills in fields that the country is currently lacking. To see if your occupation is currently on the list, visit SkillSelect, the portal for applying for an independent skills visa. To qualify for this type of visa, the Australian government will evaluate you on a scale that contains many different factors, granting you points for desirable skills or attributes. You must reach a certain number of points to qualify. If you can’t qualify for an independent skills visa, you may be able to obtain sponsorship through your employer, a family member who currently lives in Australia, or the Australian government. Certain types of people also may qualify for a retirement or student visa. However, regulations for all of these types of visas are still very strict. Give yourself at least a year to get your visa in order before moving to the country on a more long term basis.

Once you are in Australia on a visa, you can apply to become a permanent resident. In order to qualify, you must have lived in Australia under a working visa for two years. You must be under the age of 50, be competent in English, pass a health exam, and have good character (ie. no criminal record in Australia or abroad). You also will need to meet certain other education and work requirements, depending on your occupations. Certain visas have slightly different paths towards permanent residency, so discuss this with a migration expert before starting the process.

Finally, after a full calendar year of permanent residency, you will be able to apply for citizenship. Australian citizens must pass a citizenship test, which can be difficult and require study. The Australian immigration process can take several years, and although it can be strict, it is your way into Australia. Australian immigration policy

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